The Randburg Boxing Club

Boxercise - Professional - Amateur Ashley Fourie: 072 297 1811
Est. 2000

The Randburg Boxing Club is the second longest standing Boxercise gym in Johannesburg offering a truly unique workout that will transform your health in 1 month. Join us for a free workout to find out what you're missing.

The Boxing Workout

The time has come to re-invent your fitness workout!

Join us today to put fun back into your training. The Randburg Boxing Club was established in 2000 and since then has helped thousands of people dramatically improve their lifestyle through our boxing workouts. Start with our Boxercise sessions and when you're ready, try our Boxing classes for the next level of training.

The Boxercise workout has been created through the years of Professional and Amateur boxing experience of Ashley Fourie and tailored to provide a cardio fat burning workout to suit anyone.

The Boxercise workout allows you to train with others but at a pace that is comfortable for you or you can push yourself when your fitness levels start improving.

Join us for a free training session to evaluate our training methods, facilities and coaches.

Calling all the ladies!!!
A little more than half our members are ladies.  They trade their power suits for boxing gloves on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening and get rid of the stresses of daily life.

There is nothing like pounding on a heavy bag to get your pulse rate up and your stress levels down.

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